Sunfell (sunfell) wrote in military_pagans,

Intro from a veteran

Hello, all-

My name is Sunfell, and I am a TechMage. I was a practicing Wiccan during my time in the USAF in the eighties, before it was officially recognized as a legitimate faith, and caught some flack for it. I was part of a group of people who pushed to get Wicca recognized as a legitimate faith, and I am glad to see that Pagans can now practice their faith without the hassles I had. My last set of dogtags have "Pagan" as the religion. It was listed as "none" during the majority of my service.

Just to establish my military 'cred', I'll share with you all the interview I had with the Stars and Stripes in 1987, and another interview with The Air Force Times. I am SSgt Lorie A. Johnson. Yes, I had to use my mundane name for the interviews.

Anyway, it's nice to see a LJ for military pagans, and hope that grizzled old veterans like me are also included!

(Are you aware that there is another military_pagan LJ group?)


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