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A Community that i've been waiting for! I belong to various military wives communities and 1 pagan community, but it's about time for both!.. so I'll introduce myself..

I'm 23, Married to a Soldier, Stationed at Ft Bragg, My husband is recently back from deployment, and we have a 2 year old son. *well, close to 2, his birthday is july 16th*
Both my husband and I are Wiccan, and thankfully the goverment now accepts Wicca as a religion. Oddly, alot of soldiers here are Pagan, and I've discovered quite a few covens on post. My husband and I are still solitaries, and will probably stay that way for quite awhile, but It's nice to know there are others out there within a smallish area.

I plan on letting a few friends know of this community, and I'll cross post it in my Military Communities..
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I'm currently stationed on the USS Enterprise in Norfolk, VA. I have tried to set up a group to practice with on board but have been met with resistance. Hopeing that this community can help with issues like that. Please do spread the word and thanks for your support.
How to reconcile paganism with, on one hand, a culture that draws on a lot of paganism but is totally agains the old religion, global mass media free-for-all etc, and the massive threats from China and the oil-guarding Arabs. Paganism can't work with a population this big, either.