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Mending Wings with Faith and String

This may sound stupid but can anyone offer insight?

Notes for clarification:

Bokken: A Bokken is a wooden training sword for the Katana. I have several of them that I train with.

Witch: In this scenerio the term witch is used in the classical fairy tail sence, however these women were not green and ugly, and the "young" witch had to be around 12 but no older than 14.


I had a dream last night...well rather several nightmares...but this one in particular stands out.

I dreamt I was in a home out in the middle of the woods. In the garage I found these "ferrets," but they weren't ferrets, they were long kittens. By long I mean that they looked like kittens but had very long torsos and they ate rabbit food.

There were also these witches. Three of them. They hated me. They casted several spells of disfavor upon me, but there was this one young witch that was not part of the group who casted a barrier of protection around me that protected me from the malicious spells that were being casted upon me. The barrier was like coincidental magic. Where I would be removed from fatal danger by some freak chance.

Then there was a point where the witches wanted to finish me off, and I found myself out in a clearing in the middle of the woods. There was a black and red dumpster near my location. I stood in that clearing with a bokken in my hand prepared to do what I must.

Then I dreamed I woke up to a pounding at my front door. My wife was shaking me and telling me to go find out what was going on. The bokken was next to the bed so I took it with me and looked out the peephole. It was so dark that I could only make out a large figure at my door. He kept pounding and pounding at the door. I asked my wife to call police but we could not find the number to the local police so we dialed 9-1-1. The police told us they were on their way, but they were taking their time.

I stood before the door with my bokken at the ready. Visions of beasts, demons, monsters, and so forth ran through my head as the pounding got harder and harder. Finally the pounding stopped. All was quiet.

My wife had hidden herself in a closet and I stood ready for anything. Then my front window shattered as a bestial "man" jumped through into my living room. He gazed at me with feral, cat-like eyes.

I didn't wait for him. Something inside me made me charge forward and attack. I ducked under a wild swing evading his clawed hand and struck him in the belly with my bokken, spun around him and then struck him in the back of the knee.

Next thing I knew we were in that same clearing in the middle of the woods, but now he was half wolf and half man. No not a werewolf for this was his nature. This is what he was. No changing. No shifting. This is what he was.

He bled from the strikes I dealt him, as if that bokken had cut him like a real sword. He stood...towered really. I was afraid, but I knew I had to fight this beast. I could not outrun it. I could not hide from him. I had to face him.

Again he attacked and again I was able to out manuever him. He reached for me and I side stepped out the path of his grip. I brought my bokken down on his wrist and in the same moment I redirected my blade and moved into an upward arch that decapitated the beast.

His blood sprayed and I was covered. I looked around and saw some one watching me from the woods, then I woke up.


Strange I know but I have been having several dreams like this for a while. Fighting some beast using either my bokken or my aikido techniques. Any ideas?

No I don't do drugs. No I don't eat weird things before going to bed.
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